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NDMA President Dr. Joshua Ranum Receives Laureate Award

NDMA President Dr. Joshua Ranum was recognized as the Laureate Award recipient for 2022 by the North Dakota Chapter of the American College of Physicians.

Posted 11/21/22 (Mon) read more »

NDMA Executive Director Courtney Koebele Recognized as Volunteerism and Community Service Recipient

Posted 11/04/22 (Fri) read more »

NDMA Executive Council Urges VOTE NO on Measure 2

Posted 11/03/22 (Thu) read more »

Bismarck Burleigh Public Health Director Renae Moch Receives Friend of Medicine Award

Posted 10/28/22 (Fri) read more »

Dist. 15 Rep. Greg Westlind Receives Outstanding Leadership in Healthcare Policy Award

Posted 10/27/22 (Thu) read more »

Dr. James Buhr Recognized for Philanthropic Efforts: COPIC Humanitarian Award 2022

Posted 10/24/22 (Mon) read more »

Dr. Paul Carson Recognized for Outstanding Physician Community and Professional Service Efforts

Posted 10/21/22 (Fri) read more »

How Patients Suffering from Long COVID Can Benefit with Treatment

Mayo Clinic specialist Dr. Greg Vanichkachorn educates physicians on long covid and how Mayo Clinic's program can benefit patients.

Posted 4/25/22 (Mon) read more »

Medicaid Drug Use Review Board Seeks to Fulfill Physician Board Position

This board position is appointed by the North Dakota Medical Association.

Posted 3/14/22 (Mon) read more »

NDMA Members Appointed to North Dakota Health Council

Drs. Henke and Ranum selected to serve.

Posted 3/04/22 (Fri) read more »

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