NDMA Journals

NDMA Journals

NDMA's medical journals are is the process of being digitized, along with nearly every state medical journal in the United States.

North Dakota Medical Association members are welcome to use these resources.

The project is being completed under the direction of Scott Podolsky, M.D., Professor of Global Health and Social Medicine, Harvard Medical School and director of the Center for the History of Medicine, Countway Medical Library.

The nearly complete run of the Journal-Lancet, from 1912-1968 (when it was associated with North Dakota), can be accessed here:


Work is still be completed on locating and digitizing volumes 40-41, 44, 46-47, and 85.Overall links to the project (as well as descriptions of the project) are here: https://guides.library.harvard.edu/c.php?g=947422&p=6830681

Members can access the Medical Heritage Library (with over 250,000 freely searchable volumes), and use the full-text search interface here: http://www.medicalheritage.org/

If you have questions, contact Scott Podolsky, M.D. at Scott_Podolsky@hms.harvard.edu

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