The North Dakota Medical Association provides excellent value for the physicians of North Dakota. The Association efficiently leverages resources to provide physicians with benefits and services that make a real difference in the North Dakota physician practice environment.

Public Policy Advocacy
Legislation and administrative regulations adopted by the North Dakota Legislative Assembly, the U.S. Congress, and state and federal agencies directly impact your medical practice. Your NDMA physician leaders and staff professionals represent you every day in these forums.

NDMA provides effective advocacy and legislative representation for physicians. Your NDMA membership gives physicians a strong, independent voice. NDMA is always on the frontlines to address issues that impact all physicians and their patients – coverage for the uninsured and underinsured people in our state, especially children; planning for the future of North Dakota’s health care system; fighting for fair reimbursement from Medicaid, BlueCross BlueShield of North Dakota, and Medicare; supporting prevention and wellness initiatives; building the future of our health system infrastructure; developing tools for physician recruitment and retention; protecting one of the country’s most stable medical liability environments; and working to improve public health.

In advocacy before the North Dakota Legislative Assembly, your NDMA physician leadership and staff actively represent you every day of the legislative session, as well as during the interim between sessions when the ND Legislative Council interim committees undertake a wide variety of health policy studies.

NDMA also maintains close relationships with the North Dakota Congressional Delegation and congressional staff on federal issues that impact the quality of health care in our state. We work closely with the American Medical Association and national specialty societies to ensure our state efforts are supported by an organized national campaign whenever necessary.

NDMA works to improve public health and understanding of the medical profession. NDMA works in collaboration with the state health officer, the NDMA Alliance and in coalitions to improve public health and raise awareness of public health issues throughout the state and in individual communities, including tobacco use, immunizations, bioterrorism and disaster preparedness, and violence prevention. These NDMA advocacy efforts provide a very visible assurance to your patients that physicians care.

Overall, NDMA’s advocacy efforts cross a variety of public agencies on regulatory matters, including the State Board of Medical Examiners, Department of Health, Department of Human Services, Workforce Safety and Insurance, Attorney General’s Office, Governor’s Office, and the Insurance Department. Our staff and officers provide valuable input to these and other agencies throughout the year.

Advocacy in the Private Sector
Unfair commercial insurance company practices, hospital employment practices, medical staff issues, and similar topics are a focal point for NDMA advocacy efforts. NDMA is a state medical society member of the Litigation Center of State Medical Societies and the American Medical Association, which coordinates litigation efforts across the country in cases of interest to physicians. NDMA is actively involved with the AMA Organized Medical Staff Section. NDMA staff also participates in AMA’s Private Sector Advocacy activities.

NDMA staff work with the North Dakota Chamber of Commerce to ensure a close relationship with the state’s business community and ensure recognition of the importance of our state’s health care community to the economic well being of the state.

Practice and Legal Information
NDMA staff provides general practice and legal information for physicians and the professionals who serve with them. NDMA staff has access to a variety of resources, and is available to work with you on issues that impact your practice.

Collegiality and Professionalism
The Association offers the collegiality of physicians working together to provide their peers with valuable resources and support. NDMA activities bring physicians together from across the state. The NDMA Commission on Ethics provides the basis for supporting activities that promote professionalism, including education on professional issues like end-of-life care, presentations to medical students, “Ethics Moment” articles in Checkup, working to network ethics committees in the state, and providing an ethical perspective on proposed legislation.

Public and Media Relations and Resources for Public Presentations
NDMA handles communications from patients who have concerns about their health care. We protect their interests by helping them find solutions to their problems. At the same time, we provide a service to our members by making recommendations for conflict resolution if necessary.

NDMA serves you well in providing media relations on behalf of the medical profession as a whole, as well as providing useful information or other resources or advice on topics if you are asked to be interviewed or to provide public presentations.

Publications and Communications
Publications include the North Dakota Medical News ND Physician which is published three times each year as an online magazine. This magazine provides timely information of interest to members of the Association.

NDMA uses online vehicles as the primary mode of communicating with members.The e-Physician is a periodic e-mail service sent to members on matters of importance, including legislative activity. This is typically sent on the Friday of each week.

Specialty Society Support
NDMA supports several North Dakotan specialty society chapters, through cost effective administrative arrangements for staffing, advocacy and financial administration services. This service assists your specialty society in providing a staff component that may not otherwise exist.

Annual Meeting
The Association, in conjunction with specialty societies and the NDMA Alliance, conducts an Annual Meeting of the House of Delegates in September or October of each year. This is the primary forum for discussing the future course of the Association and an opportunity for physicians from across the state to gather. The annual meeting also includes CME and opportunity for state medical specialty societies to coordinate meetings in conjunction with NDMA activities and speakers.


Doctor of the Day Program
The NDMA coordinates the Doctor of the Day program during each North Dakota legislative session. This program offers member physicians the opportunity to spend a day serving the medical needs of Senators and Representatives, as well as observing and participating in the legislative process.

CME Accreditation Function
The NDMA has maintained a CME accreditation program since 1977, making it possible for physicians to obtain continuing education credit hours at the local level.

NDMA membership qualifies all physicians for free membership to DocBookMD, a HIPAA-compliant texting application that can be accessed from a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. This app has been especially helpful to physicians who do not have a texting/instant messaging system within their facility's EHR. Click here for more information!

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