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2021 Graduating Medical Student Outstanding Award Winners

UND senior medical graduates recognized for outstanding achievements.

Posted 6/02/21 (Wed) read more »

PAG Reaches Out to Public to Pay It Forward: Stop the Spread

Posted 5/05/21 (Wed) read more »

Maternal Mortality Program Made Official

Posted 5/04/21 (Tue) read more »

UND School of Medicine & Health Sciences Sophomore Awards

NDMA recognizes medical students for outstanding performance.

Posted 4/13/21 (Tue) read more »

Dr. Dennis Wolf Recognized for 50 Years of Service

Dr. Dennis Wolf was recognized by the Dickinson City Commission and and Police Chief Dustin Dassinger for 50 years of coroner service.

Posted 2/17/21 (Wed) read more »

Anti-COVID Antibodies: A powerful tool to decrease illness severity

As a physician, I have seen first-hand how COVID-19 has devastated families, either by taking a life or by leaving those infected wondering if they too will succumb to the virus or wondering just how sick they will get.

Posted 1/04/21 (Mon) read more »

Thank You for Your Commitment to Health and Reducing the Pandemic Spread

Dr. Joan Connell extends a sincere thank you to the citizens of North Dakota for supporting Governor Burgum and Interim State Health Officer Dirk Wilke’s pandemic health orders.

Posted 12/14/20 (Mon) read more »

Physician Advisory Group Thanks Burgum for Supporting Mandates

Physicians participating in the North Dakota Medical Association Physician Advisory Group (PAG) showed their gratitude to Governor Burgum for taking action to slow the pandemic spread.

Posted 11/17/20 (Tue) read more »

North Dakota Physicians Offer Pandemic Health Advice

The Physician Advisory Group, which began meeting as part of the North Dakota Medical Association in August, is taking action to help get the word out on steps the public can take to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This letter was also a topic of discussion during NDMA's Annual Meeting Policy Forum.

Posted 10/15/20 (Thu) read more »

NDMA President Misty Anderson Addresses the Economic Benefits of a Flu Vaccination

Posted 10/05/20 (Mon) read more »

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