Advocacy is a primary role of the North Dakota Medical Association - in both the public and private sectors. Legislation and administrative regulations adopted by the North Dakota Legislative Assembly, the United States Congress, and state and federal agencies directly impact your medical practice. Your NDMA physician leaders and staff professionals represent you every day in these forums. NDMA is also active in the private sector, advocating for you and your patients with commercial insurers, hospitals and health systems, the business community, and with other private sector entities. 


Your NDMA membership gives physicians a strong, independent voice.

NDMA is on the front lines advocating on issues that impact medicine, fighting on your behalf for improved insurance coverage for the uninsured and underinsured people in our state, especially children; for fair reimbursements from Medicaid, BlueCross BlueShield of North Dakota, Medicare, and other payors; for prevention and wellness initiatives; for tools that assist in retaining and recruiting physicians; for initiatives that protect our stable medical liability environment; and for improved public health.

State Agencies

The advocacy efforts of the North Dakota Medical Association cross a variety of public agencies on regulatory matters, including the North Dakota State Board of Medicine, North Dakota Department of Health, North Dakota Department of Human Services, Workforce Safety & Insurance, the Governor's office, and the North Dakota Insurance Department. These efforts include work on administrative rules and other agency functions that impact medicine.

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Board of Medicine

The North Dakota Medical Association staff attends each public meeting of the North Dakota Board of Medicine, monitoring the activity of the Board and providing input as requested. The Association comments on issues to the Board and Board staff, and works jointly with the Board on matters as appropriate.

Department of Health

The North Dakota Medical Association works cooperatively with the Department of Health in a wide variety of areas. The NDMA strategic plan recognizes the appropriate role of the Association as a proactive leader in the promotion of public health and the need to use its capacity for strong public health advocacy. NDMA is a leader in advocacy for tobacco prevention and control. The Association is a partner in the Statewide Vision and Strategy for Improving Health in North Dakota, which has adopted its goal for North Dakotans to be the healthiest Americans by 2020. Specific initiatives in the 2020 vision include projects to encourage healthy weight in children and to establish a capacity for supporting worksite wellness programs. Click here for Disease Control Newsletters.


Department of Human Services

The North Dakota Medical Association routinely provides comments and input into decisionmaking at the Department of Human Services, particularly issues relating to Medicaid. Physicians also participate in the Medicaid Drug Utilization Review Board and the Medicaid Medical Advisory Committee. 


Insurance Department

The North Dakota Medical Association discusses issues relating to health insurance and medical liability insurance with the Insurance Commissioner and Insurance Department staff. 


Office of the Governor

The North Dakota Medical Association communicates with the Governor's office on issues relating to the Governor's role, including state agencies such as the Department of Human Services, Health Department, and Workforce Safety & Insurance. 


Workforce Safety & Insurance

The North Dakota Medical Association routinely provides comments and other input into decisionmaking at Workforce Safety & Insurance. NDMA physicians serveand provide input on the WSI Board of Directors.



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