Policy Forum


The policy forum is strategically designed to increase participation from members on critical policy issues that impact physicians and the care of patients.


To introduce a policy issue, NDMA members are invited to submit policy issues by completing a Policy Form here and submitting it to NDMA.

If you'd like to review policy concepts - or just need some feedback prior to submitting, CONTACT NDMA EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR COURTNEY KOEBELE: 701-223-9475 or reach out by email at ckoebele@ndmed.com; or contact the NDMA Commission on Legislation Chair Dr. Fadel Nammour at fadelnammour@yahoo.com.


After policy issues have been presented and discussed, the Policy Forum adjourns. Next, the discussion summaries are brought forward to the NDMA Council where each topic will be carefully vetted. At this point, topics can be either adopted, amended and adopted, rejected, or referred for study.

To learn more about policy development and how it works, check out this guide.



Commission on Legislation

Fadel Nammour, MD, Commission on Legislation Chair

NDMA’s Commission on Legislation, chaired by Fadel Nammour, MD, convenes monthly to review issues for the upcoming 2025 legislature and is instrumental in providing recommendations for review at the upcoming annual meeting.

The commission has delved into proposed bills covering topics such as co-pay accumulators, step therapy protocols, fertility assistance, fertility preservation, physical therapist scope expansion (ordering MRIs), supplemental breast examination coverage, the Physician Assistant Licensure Compact, and other legislation impacting the medical field.

If you are interested in being part of the Commission on Legislation, contact NDMA at 701-223-9475 or email leann@ndmed.com

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