NDMA Policy Forum 2022

The forum is strategically designed to increase participation from members on critical policy issues that impact physicians and the care of patients.

The Policy Forum allows NDMA members to participate in the policy discussion process. It is designed to allow broad member input and feedback on critical health policy issues facing North Dakota physicians and care provided to their patients.


After policy issues have been presented and discussed, the discussion summaries are brought forward to the NDMA Council where each topic will be carefully vetted. At this point, topics can be either adopted, amended and adopted, rejected, or referred for study.

The 2022 policy issues were presented and discussed during the 2022 NDMA Annual Meeting then forwarded to the Council for further vetting. The Council met to further review and discuss the comments on each policy issue shared during the policy forum. The Council took action and passed the policies. To learn more about policy development and how it works, check out this guide


2022 Policy Forum Topics


Prior Authorization Reform

Health insurers and benefit managers are increasingly requiring health care professionals to obtain prior authorization before providing pharmaceuticals and medical services. These requirements can interrupt care, divert resources from patients and complicate medical decision-making.

Proposed Action:
Keeping the principles in mind, NDMA should work with stakeholders, including the insurance industry, to develop a prior authorization policy to be adopted at the 2023 legislative session.

Adopted November 22, 2022

Non-Criminalization of Medical Practice

Numerous attempts are made by policy makers to control physicians’ practice of medicine at local, regional, and national levels. It is likely that bills attempting to criminalize physicians’ medical decision making will be filed in the 2023 session.

Physicians throughout the country have seen attempts to:
  • Prevent medically indicated procedures;
  • Mandate medical procedures that are not indicated; and
  • Mandate certain drug prescribing practices.

Criminal penalties have been imposed on physicians for various aspects of medical practice, despite the availability of adequate non-criminal redress. Criminalizing medical decision making is a disservice to patients.

Proposed Action:
NDMA should take all reasonable and necessary steps to ensure that evidence-based medical decision-making and treatment, exercised in accordance with evidence-based standards of care, does not become a violation of criminal law.

Adopted November 22, 2022

Non-profit Employment of Physicians

North Dakota has an exception to the employment of physicians for hospitals. During the 2021 legislative session the law was enlarged slightly to allow for non-profits to employ physicians for hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Because the practice of medicine and form of employment of physicians is changing rapidly in this current healthcare environment, it would be helpful to our members to have more options with all non-profits being allowed to employ physicians.

Proposed Action:
NDMA should work with legislators to file a bill in the 2023 session to expand the exception to the practice of physicians to include all non-profit entities.

Adopted November 22, 2022



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