FASD Resources

FASD Resources

North Dakota Fetal Alcohol Exposure & Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

The UND School of Medicine & Health Sciences Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Center (FASC), established in 1993, provides diagnostic and management services for people with fetal alcohol syndrome; education/prevention services to the region; and collection of data related to fetal alcohol syndrome in North Dakota.

FASC Director Larry Burd is reaching out to physicians across the state to help increase awareness and provide resources to help address problems caused by FASD.

North Dakota FASD Statistics

  • Depending on birth and death rates, the child and adult populations of people with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disease (FASD) in North Dakota could be as high as 1,124 (children: 180-324, adults: 360-800).
  • The annual cost of medical care services is $5,279 per case of FASD. The annual excess cost for medical care due to FASD is $4,403 per case. In North Dakota, the cost of inpatient medical care for each case of FASD to age 18 is $95,034.
  • It will cost parents (biological or adaptive) $17,400 per year to care for a child with FASD. Expenses include travel, meals and lodging, insurance deductibles, vacation and sick leave, child care, phone, work-related costs, deferred promotions, and others.
  • Identified costs for each person with FASD in North Dakota are at least $2 million per year. The minimum cost estimate for the state of North Dakota to age 18 for each case of FASD is $118,876.
  • If women who have a child with FASD continue to drink, they have more than a 75 percent chance of having another child with FASD.


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