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Survey Shows Decline in American's Belief in the Importance of Vaccinating Children

Posted 1/20/20 (Mon)

The latest data from a Gallup survey, conducted Dec. 2-15, 2019, shows that since 2001 fewer Americans believe it's important for parents to get their children vaccinated than in the past.

The poll shows that in 2019, 84% of Americans said they think it's extremely or very important that parents get their children vaccinated – that percentage matches the Gallup's prior reading in 2015, but is down from 94% in 2001.

While many opponents of vaccinations argue that vaccines are more dangerous than the diseases they prevent, the vast majority of Americans, 86%, continue to disagree. This is unchanged from the 87% who felt that vaccines were less dangerous in 2015 and only modestly lower than the 90% in 2001. Currently, 11% of U.S. adults think vaccines are more dangerous than the diseases they prevent.

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