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How Patients Suffering from Long COVID Can Benefit with Treatment

Posted 4/25/22 (Mon)

Greg Vanichkachorn, MD, MPH
Occupational Medicine Specialist

The North Dakota Physician Advisory Group (PAG) hosted Mayo Clinic specialist Dr. Greg Vanichkachorn to educate physicians on long covid and the program featured at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

According to Dr. Vanichkachorn, Post-COVID syndrome, also known as long-haul COVID-19 or long COVID-19, involves a wide range of health problems that occur for many weeks and months after recovering from COVID-19. And most experts agree that long-haul COVID-19 is not rare and occurs in at least 10%–20% of people who have had COVID-19.

He says many cases of long-haul COVID-19 actually occur in younger people, and it happens to women more than men.

Researchers are making headway in better understanding long-haul COVID-19 and treating it with rehabilitation services, including occupational and physical therapy.

Treatment options are available, and Dr. Vanichkachorn leads the COVID-19 Activity Rehabilitation Program at Mayo Clinic for COVID “long haulers” struggling with symptoms up to three months post-infection. There is also a post-COVID care option that helps those that have symptoms that persist beyond three months post-infection.

To learn more about these programs, you can visit the Mayo Clinic website for post-COVID-19 conditions.



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