The North Dakota Medical Association provides physicians with opportunities for personal and professional development including NDMA Council leadership positions such as the President, Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer, Policy Forum Chair, AMA Delegate, and Alternate AMA Delegate. There are opportunities for seeking leadership positions in your District Medical Society, including service as a councillor representing your District on the NDMA Council or as a Delegate to the NDMA House of Delegates.

There are also leadership opportunities by serving on a NDMA commission or the political action committee. Other opportunities include assisting NDMA lobbyists on legislative issues, or representing NDMA on one of the various physician positions with state agencies, boards, committees, and other organizations.


2023/2024 Officers & Delegates

Stephanie K. Dahl, MD Parag Kumar, MD
Fargo, ND Bismarck, ND
Erica C. Hofland, MD Joan M. Connell, MD 
Dickinson, ND Bismarck, ND
Misty K. Anderson, DO David F. Schmitz, MD
Valley City, ND Grand Forks, ND
Past President  
Joshua C. Ranum, MD  
Hettinger, ND  




First District  
Kristopher W. Holaday, MD Ross R. Meidinger, MD
Fargo, ND Fargo, ND
Third District  
Randolph E. Szlabick, MD Kevin J. Mork, MD
Grand Forks, MD Grand Forks, MD
Fourth District Fifth District
Scott E. Knutson, MD Misty K. Anderson, DO
Minot, ND Valley City, MN
Sixth District  
J'Patrick C. Fahn, DO Ana M. Tobiasz, MD
Bismarck, ND Bismarck, ND
Seventh District Eighth District
Sarah L. Schatz, MD Joseph E. Adducci, MD
Jamestown, ND Williston, ND
Ninth District Eleventh District
Dennis E. Wolf, MD Kent R. Hoerauf, MD
Dickinson, ND Hettinger, ND

Commission and PAC Chairs

Commission on Legislation

Commission on Medical Services

Sarah L. Schatz, MD Shari L. Orser, MD
Jamestown, ND Bismarck, ND

Commission on Ethics

Commission on Socio-Economics

Vacant Parag Kumar, MD
  Bismarck, ND

Commission on Medical Education


Dinesh M. Bande, MD Thomas I. Strinden, MD
Fargo, ND Fargo, ND


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