This Week On The Hill

On the Hill

Priority Bills for April 3 - 7

NDMA priority bills are being discussed in committees since the bills have already had hearings.

A great deal of important work involving amendments happens during the committee work, so it's important to keep in front of the action. Stay tuned.


Bill Tracker

NDMA is following over 160 bills that have the potential to impact health care. The bill tracker to review the status and NDMA's position on the bills is located on NDMA's website.

Get Involved

One of the most important ways you can get involved to advance or prevent policy is to have a friendly relationship with your local legislators. Many people are unaware of the impact that one email, phone call, or point of contact can have on a legislator as they decide how to vote.

Find Your Legislator

It's easy to find out who your legislators are and how to contact them: use this link:

  • enter your house number and zip code

  • then choose your address and click on the people icon; this directs you to your district legislators.
    Contact information is displayed by clicking into the names. 

Providing Testimony
Testimony for the 68th session can also be provided virtually; however, registration prior to the hearing is required. If you are interested in providing virtual testimony, contact NDMA Executive Director Courtney Koebele. at

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