This Week On The Hill

This Week on the Hill

Bills for
22 - 26:



NDMA closely monitors many bills that have the potential to impact your practice and encourages you to pay attention to the following list of priority bills:

Wednesday, March 3rd, is when legislators reconvene to address the second half of the session's bills. Although the list is lengthy, here is a summary of some of the priority bills NDMA will be following closely and attending hearings:

Wednesday, March 3

2:15 PM
SB 2135 A bill for an Act to provide for a department of human services report to the legislative management regarding department quality. - House Human Services - Pioneer Room

Thursday, March 4

2:00 PM
SB 2004 A bill for an Act to provide an appropriation for defraying the expenses of the state department of health.  - House Appropriations: Human Resources Division - Harvest Room

Friday, March 5

9:00 AM
SCR 4015 Relating to election of and qualifications of the state health officer.  - Senate Government and Veterans Affairs - Room 216



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