This Week On The Hill

The 67th legislative session gaveled on its final day Friday, April 30th, just four days short of the 80-day maximum set by the North Dakota Constitution. The remaining days are slated to be used for approval of the new legislative districts.


It is important to know that although the session included many intense debates on many issues, this was not a budget-strapped session, thanks to the additional COVID-19 federal funds. The total budget for the 2021-23 biennium settled in at $16.9 billion - $3.2 billion more than the previous biennium. Some statewide projects given funding included infrastructure for flood control, revolving loan funds, highway funds and agriculture product developments.


On the NDMA front, 197 bills were tracked that had the possibility to impact the field of medicine, physician practices and how we care for patients. The session resulted in many notable successes as well as some losses. The losses do not represent failure but serve as opportunities to move forward into the next legislative session. Before you can blink an eye, the 68th session will be upon us. It is never too early to begin planning.


Learn more about notable successes here.

Check the bill tracker here to see final bill status.

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