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The 130th NDMA Annual Meeting participants met with great enthusiasm on Friday, October 6 as the House of Delegates moved forward on critical issues impacting physician practices and patient care.

The meeting was led by NDMA Speaker of the House Dr. Joshua Ranum where participants heard updates from NDMA President Dr. Debra Geier and NDMA Executive Director Courtney Koebele.
The House of Delegates approved four resolutions and updated NDMA’s mission statement:
Resolutions include:
1) Opioid Crisis: NDMA will continue to support the PDMP and encourage members to follow the Board of Medicine rules; continue to work with statewide stakeholders to identify and remove existing barriers for patients seeking treatment; and work with its members to enhance and provide education on prescribing and treatment.
2) Sports Team Physician Licensure: NDMA will advocate for a change in NDCC, which will allow an athletic team physician licensed in another state to be exempt from North Dakota licensure.
3) Physician Assisted Suicide: NDMA formally adopts the position against physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia in that they are fundamentally incompatible with the physician’s role as healer.
4) USMLE – Step 2 - Transfer of Jurisdiction over Required Clinical Skills Examinations to U.S. Medical Schools: NDMA will advocate for the North Dakota Board of Medicine to eliminate the U.S. Medical Licensing Examination Step 2 Clinical Skills examination as a state licensure requirement.

Mission statement:
 The mission of the North Dakota Medical Association is to advocate for North Dakota’s physicians, to advance the health and promote the well-being of the people of North Dakota.


2017 NDMA Awards

Each year NDMA honors a physician and a non-physician who have made outstanding contributions to the North Dakota medical profession, their patients and community. This year’s annual meeting recognized the award recipients at a luncheon that was attended by many friends and family members of these distinguished guests.

The NDMA Friend of Medicine Award recognizes non-physician residents of North Dakota who have distinguished themselves by serving as advocates for health care, patient services, or the medical profession.

The 2017 Friend of Medicine Award goes to Randy Eken, MPA. Congratulations, Randy!

Dr. Joshua Wynne, dean of UND School of Medicine and Health Sciences, presents the Friend of Medicine Award to Randy Eken. Congratulations! Learn more here.

The NDMA Physician Community and Professional Services Award recognizes North Dakota physicians for outstanding leadership and services to the to the people of North Dakota and to the profession of medicine.

The 2017 Physician Community and Professional Services Award recipient is Kim Krohn, MD.  Congratulations, Dr. Krohn!

Dr. James Brosseau presents the Physician Community and Professional Service Award to Dr. Kim Krohn. Congratulations! Learn more here.

2017/2018 NDMA Officers

Election of NDMA officers was held during the 2017 Annual Meeting: Pictured from left to right: President: Dr. Fadel Nammour; Past-President: Dr. Debra Geier; Secretary/Treasurer: Dr. Joshua C. Ranum; Vice-President: Dr. Misty K. Anderson; Speaker of the House: Dr. Stephanie K. Dahl. Not pictured are AMA Delegate Dr. Shari L. Orser and AMA Alternate Delegate Dr. A. Michael Booth.


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